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25 May 2010 by

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The pink and yellow stripes of the fabric made me feel like I’m at a never-ending circus in my head. All you can eat cotton candy!

circus striped outfit circus striped outfit circus striped outfit

I made the shorts for our weekly game of ultimate frisbee, but I get a kick out of wearing the set together. So far I haven’t really worn it out yet, but I think it would be great for a bike ride to the ocean. In the meantime, I’ve been wearing the shirt with a polka dot skirt or pants.

It’s made out of jersey I picked up at Fabric Planet for $1/yd–gotta love that place!

The fabric was meant to have the stripes running horizontally, but since it’s got great stretch in all directions I figured I could rotate it with no problem. Since I was already re-thinking the orientation of the fabric, I went ahead and used the back side. I like that the stripes look a little more painted on, and it hides that the fabric is turned.

circus striped outfit circus striped outfit circus striped outfit

The shirt is a heavily modified version of the pattern I made for T shirts. It’s got raglan sleeves that come to just below my elbow, which is an unusual length for me, but I think it works great for this project.

circus striped shirt circus striped shirt


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