Jane is technically Jason’s cousin, but damnit, she’s my cousin too! This awesome lady is a professional bellydancer and part-time mermaid. I was just as excited as everyone else when she and her partner announced their pregnancy. It turned out to be pretty eventful, with weeks of bed-rest and a very earl arrival. I decided to make her a little gift to celebrate her post-pregnancy freedom with a bottle opener.

mermaid bottle mermaid bottle mermaid bottle

I got the cast-iron mermaid on Ebay and painted it to look like Jane. I’m so good at painting that Kekoa (the bebe) kept trying to stick it in his mouth. Despite his early arrival, he’s healthy and already making time with the ladies.

I used acrylic paints on top of a coat of Kilz, and coated the opener with several layers of spray sealant. Hopefully the paint won’t chip too much!