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I love wearing turbans. They’re dramatic and classy, and take an outfit to the next level. And the way I made them, they are colorful and silly, especially when paired with the right pair of glasses.

turban, made by Julianne turban, made by Julianne

This is one of my favorites, and it looks great with my Miimii dress. The cobalt thread against the metallic gold reminds me of lapiz scarab jewelry, so I called this design “Cleopatra.” I would totally be OK if this one never sold, but if it does find a new home I’ll just have to make myself another one.

turban, made by Julianne turban, made by Julianne

This Tiffany-teal velvet is so gorgeous. The ruffles on this one remind me of either a brain or a coral.

 turban, made by Julianneturban, made by Julianne



turban, made by Julianne turban, made by Julianne

All jersey, perfect for summer. Colors inspire me, especially when they’re remixed into different combinations. The fuchsia thread looks neon against the coral and mustard.

These were super great at Burning Man. Just tuck your head inside and your hair stays clean while you look awesome. I’m really pleased at the great response these are getting. You can get your own in my Etsy shop.


Ultimate turban inspiration!

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  1. jenny

    Hi I was wondering if I could pay you to make me a pair the the colorful fabric boots for burning man? Would you be interested in doing this?

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