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  1. Alison

    Hi, I’ve had this machine forever-isn’t it amazing!!! I love mine!!!! The funny looking plastic piece is used for storing. The foot pedal wraps up and fits in the front part, the extension arm slides in the back and the plastic rectangular box that holds maintenace tools fits in the back. All nice and neat and compact, for when you put the cover on to “travel”. Or if your machine doesn’t get to “travel” like mine it makes a lovely dust collector.

    • Julianne Post author

      I’ve never been one to tote my machine around with me. Where would I take it? I actually put the travel case in our storage unit! But oh, I looove this machine too!

  2. Leslie

    I’d love to get my hands on that little tray. I do tote my machine around and need it. this is a pretty old post but who knows.

  3. Sher August

    Hi, I have the PFAFF 1222E that takes the tray in question. Does anyone have a part number for it? We live on a boat and keeping things in their places and tidy is a must! On the other hand, anyone wanting to part with this tray, please feel free to email us at sainohio@hotmail.com.
    BTW….I love my PFAFF, I actually have 6 sewing machines in all (some are in storage), and the PFAFF does well for canvas and such items that my other machines can’t keep up with.

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