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First off, my husband would like me to point out that he asked me to make all of this for him. These pants are the harem version of his Disco Mechanic coveralls… Robo Genie?

silver genie pants, made by Julianne

These genie pants are perfect for Burning Man. You can layer warmer leggings underneath, and still be fabulous and comfortable. By the way, I have a matching pair of pants myself.

silver genie pants, made by Julianne silver genie pants, made by Julianne

He’s so fabulous and funny! I love that he is so comfortable with himself that he wears these clothes, and that I can make them for him. It’s not like he’s wearing this outfit to the grocery store, but he probably would if I asked him too.

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silver genie pants, made by Julianne silver genie pants, made by Julianne

silver genie pants, made by Julianne silver genie pants, made by Julianne

I also made his shirt and hat. The rainbow sequin tee is lined with neon orange jersey, because it was too itchy! The hems are bound in a lycra tape. The shirt’s a little short, so maybe I will add a band of another fabric.

I hand-stitched the hat back in 2009, after Jason lost a similar hat when we met at Burning Man. I used compressed cardboard for the brim, and gave it to him the first time I came out to California to visit.

silver genie pants, made by Julianne

I just made a tutorial for these pants, so check it out if you’d like to make your own.silver genie pants, made by Julianne




Considering it’s made of gold, silver, and black lamé, I think this coat is pretty elegant. It does have a touch of Golden Girls glam, but it’s perfect for a rave and there’s something about that hood that makes me feel gangsta.

gold coat gold coat back gold coat

appliqué collar

Gangsta at a disco!

Right, it’s a lamé brocade, and I think the pattern is either scales or fabulous raindrops. For the lining I used black minky which makes me feel like royalty… Or maybe its that giant gold embroidered collar. That’s positively Aztec, but it’s also spacey, and I’m pretty sure the coat was designed for wizards.

The two-way zipper means it can be opened from the bottom and worn as a cloak. Little Red Riding Hood I am not.

gold coat gold coat gold coat

As usual, I got the fabrics and the appliqué from Fabric Planet. The two-way zip came from Stan’s Sewing Supplies, and since his prices are so cheap I find it much more convenient than going to the Fashion District.

Of course this was designed for Burning Man and other such fabulous events. It would be perfect for the chilly roof of a loft party, or walking 8 blocks to your car afterwards.

I made a second similar jacket, but this one is an original. I’ve got a couple yards leftover that might turn into some blinging pants. Shazzam! In the meantime, this coat is in the Etsy shop, and totally worth it.