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If I’m going to navel gaze, at least I’ll do it in style.

Living in Los Angeles has been hard for me. Although I’ve made a few new friends here, and my sewing business has slowly but steadily grown, and the weather is almost always delightful, and can we talk about the avocados… I miss my home. Every day I think about New Orleans and wish I could be there. Without indulging in too much trendy self-diagnosis, I do think I’ve been dealing with some mild depression for a while now. And if I haven’t had a legitimate mood disorder, my underwear certainly has. We’re both trying to crawl out of it!

happy panties, made by Julianne

These panties replace my black set from 2010. Those were good undies, and have lasted me for four years, but they are starting to get threadbare! I’ve made a few supplemental panties since 2010, but this is my first bulk addition since the original post.

All the fabrics were from my stash, and most of the laces were bought new. Apparently I’ve run through my hoard of lingerie elastic! It feels good.

happy panties, made by Julianne  Remnant from leggings.happy panties, made by Julianne

Tiny scrap from un-blogged shirt.

happy panties, made by Julianne Remnant from this shirthappy panties, made by Julianne

Fabric from tiger leggings.

I do also have a couple pairs of plain tan panties to be worn with light unlined dresses. When I was buying elastic for them, Nhi scoffed at my boring selection (I think she may have even been slightly offended). But there can’t be a party in my pants all the time!happy panties, made by Julianne happy panties, made by Julianne happy panties, made by Julianne

happy panties, made by Julianne

They’ve got a higher rise than bikini cut normally would, and that’s how I like it nowadays. The wide elastic keeps them up, and hides my butt crack. Granted, sometimes the lace peeks out from my lower-rise pants. But you know how people layer shirts, and let a camisole peek through? Why can’t I do that with these? I’m not walking around with a crop top and butt cleavage, but I’m also not worried about people getting occasional peeks at the top of my lingerie lace. High fashion or low standards?

happy panties, made by Julianne

happy panties, made by Julianne

I’ve always had a weakness for brass animals, especially if they are fixtures.

Although this is my website, I don’t really like to talk about my personal stuff. It’s not so much about privacy as it is about resisting self-indulgence, or maybe avoiding self-reflection. This post is an exception, because I was feeling introspective when I started writing (3 weeks before I finished writing), and I am trying to be more proactive about my life in general. I guess that means my underwear drawer is a metaphor?




What’s a weekend without new lounge wear?

Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne

Mad Men Challenge #2

Although I’ve never participated in a challenge before, I was immediately jazzed about Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge. And although I’ve always been in love with the show’s costumes (especially after reading the ultimate Bitchy Kittens Tom and Lorenzo), the period clothing is mostly not my style. However. I had a amazing pattern from my Grandma, and gorgeous vintage cotton from Hawaii (a gift from my step-sister-in-law Ilaan), and damn if I’m not a sucker for over the top lounge wear.

You better believe I’m designing pajamas to coordinate. Who’s coming over for brunch? This robe is begging for champagne cocktails.

Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne Continue reading →

I don’t actually smoke, but I love all the scenes with Betty hanging around her house, chain smoking and drinking wine all day. Hilarity. All the ladies have such amazing wardrobes, including their bathrobes. In fact, I think every main female character has appeared on screen in a robe at this point!

Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne

My design combines two luscious bathrobes from the finale of season 5, called The Phantom. Appearing first is drunk Megan’s psychedelic robe, which has the same large flowers and neon colors as my fabric.

Mad Men s05e13Mad Men s05e13

Trudy’s robe has the frilliness of my pattern. I’d been planning on adding an organza ruffle with contrasting rolled hem, but while my sample looked amazing it was not very soft against my skin. So I have 7 yards of neon pink 5″ wide bias strips waiting for another project…

Mad Men s05e13

Mad Men s05e13

Butterick 3770, made by Julianne

I used Butterick 3770; although I couldn’t find an exact date I know it’s from the 60s. I received this pattern after my grandma died, almost a year ago. Knowing that she cut the pattern and made it for herself was a great connection, and reminded me of the wonderfully frilly dresses she would make for my birthdays. The night that I finished the construction, I dreamed that she was holding my hand throughout all my sleepy-time adventures, and it was a pretty great feeling that lasted all of the next day.

I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern (except the placement of the belt casing and using 4 buttons instead of 5). The arms are a little high, but that seems to be the style and I didn’t want to mess with it. I finished the seams with my serger, but I may come back with some bias tape. If I were to make this robe again (and had more fabric) I would make the skirt a little more flared in the back, to emphasize the cape.

Although I certainly don’t need another robe, I want to make 5 more of these in every wild silky fabric I can find.

Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne

Like so many of my projects nowadays, nearly all the materials came from my stash. The only purchase for this robe were 1/3 yd pink satin for the tie and button coverings, 6 yd pink lace, and blue ribbon binding the ruffle, for a total of $8. I had JUST. ENOUGH. FABRIC. In fact, one of the front facings had to be cut separately, because I chose to cut the back as a single piece (I was not loving the very obvious center back seam that the pattern called for).

Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne

I love that the shorter version of this robe is called “street length,” so that became the inspiration for this photo shoot.

Mad Men vintage psychedelic bathrobe, made by Julianne

Ah, I wish I didn’t have to actually work today. I’d much rather drink strawberry margaritas, eat egg rolls, and watch movies on the couch all day. But I might wear this to a potluck tonight.