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I’ve been making these fabric-wrapped necklaces for about a year now. They’re nice to have on the table at art markets, and a great way to use up strips of pretty fabrics.

beaded necklace rainbow! beaded necklace rainbow!

These are all made from silks, and the two-tone necklaces are made from chiffon. I use different beads inside them, but they’re mostly recycled Mardi Gras beads.

pink beaded necklace teal beaded necklace chartreuse beaded necklace

I don’t have any of these in my Etsy shop right now, but you can find them at Kiki Designs in Venice and Adorn & Conquer in New Orleans. Also I’m thinking about making a tutorial if there’s any interest in that…




It’s been a while since I made anything for Jordan, and she’s been so good lately that I thought she deserved a new dress. The original plan was to make one for each of us, but the growing pile of sewing projects on my bedroom floor (plus the shrinking space in my closet) encouraged me to just sew one for her and wear it vicariously.

sweater dress sweater dress sweater dress

sweater dress

In retrospect, the weight of the skirt stretches out the bodice, so I wish I had made the top smaller.

This cozy dress is made out of a poly sweater knit from Fabric Planet; I think it’s $8/yd. The fabric is 100% synthetic: I put it in a purple dye bath and there was absolutely no color change. Ah well, the brown is a good color on Jordan, but it’s part of the reason I opted out of having one of my own.




Just in time for fall! My new sundress! But since I live in Los Angeles, I’ll be wearing this at the beach while y’all are freezing your butts off. And how about those new glasses, right?

indian summer dress indian summer dress indian summer dress

I’d been eying this cute floral cotton since we got it in at Fabric Planet months ago, and as we got down to the end of the bolt I finally figured out what I wanted to make. I made my own own pattern, and it was very easy. Starting out, I wasn’t sure if this shape would be flattering on me, but I think the careful waist placement keeps it from looking like an ill-fitting sack. It’s nice to have a breezy casual dress!

indian summer dress detail indian summer dress detail indian summer dress detail

The whole thing slips over my head, no zipper. The waist band is made up of two drawstrings in separate channels, which helps to define the waist and makes the dress look a lot more polished. The faux-placket is a silk-cotton blend, which has a nice subtle sheen. These adorable wooden heart buttons are also from Fabric Planet, and although they’re a little more saccharine than I normally like they were too cute to pass up. Lastly, the yellow trim is bias tape I cute from a light-weight cotton.

Thanks to my future husband Jason for taking some really great shots. And yes, that’s right, we’re getting married! Yay!

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