I thought that I’d used up all of this amazing black and white jersey, but I recently unearthed a few pairs of leggings that I cut out over a year ago!

opulent optic leggings opulent optic leggings

I have my own pair of leggings in this fabric, and it’s one of my stretchiest, most comfortable pairs ever. Great under a skirt, warm at the beach, and perfect for lounging at home with a beverage (or dancing in the alley). Jason even has a pair, which he cut and sewed himself!

opulent optic leggings

All I can say is hooray for nude-colored panties.

optic leggings

I could think of so many adjectives to describe this fantastic print! It’s got the swirling eyeballs that I love in Klimt’s work, it’s Byzantine and Assyrian and all those ornate trippy designs. Very optic, very opulent! A very wiggly print!

This fabric was previously thought to be lost forever, so take advantage of my Indiana Jones-esque cleaning skills before they’re all gone! Etsy shop-ho!