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It’s been a very busy couple of weeks! First I was distracted getting ready for Lightning in a Bottle, and now I’m heading to Atlanta for my wonderful Grandma’s funeral. Her death was very unexpected and has had all of us reeling, but I’m excited to see my family again.

barbara dodds

Greatest family photo ever? It was taken in Germany; that’s my dad on the right. My grandma was pregnant at the time and made her maternity outfit. I love the matching white accessories! 60s elegance!

I’ve been working on lots of projects, but haven’t really documented them in all the confusion. Except for this ongoing task:

indian trim

I’m using about 9 yards of this gorgeous Indian mirror trim in our wedding clothes. but I’m not 100% confident in the stitches used to hold those beads on. So I’ve been re-stitching every hanging mirror, one by one. They are so secure now that I won’t have to worry at all about any beads dropping and ruining our wedding!

indian trim indian trim

I’ve got about 6 yards complete, and am looking forward to actually sewing it onto the garments!


    • Julianne Post author

      I got it at Fabric Planet in Venice CA. They might still have some! If you speak to Danielle, you can tell her that it’s the mirror trim from Julianne’s wedding skirt, and she should know what you’re talking about. Or save the picture from my blog post and email/FB it to them. I believe it was retailing at $5/yd.

      If you do purchase this yarn, pre-wash it by hand separately! The dyes all bleed horribly.

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