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I came across a whole bunch of vintage chunky acrylic yarn at a thrift store, so I’ve been making shopping bags with it. Easy, doesn’t require attention, and makes a useful non-specific gift.

pink knit bag, made by Julianne IMG_5749

Because the yarn is so thick and I used 8mm needles, the bag isn’t very net-like. I know if I were to use bigger needles this project would be faster with more open space, but I really don’t like the feel of big needles in my hand.

IMG_5745I’ve also realized how bored I get with YO, k2tog. I never really get into the rhythm of knitting, so I’ll be exploring other approaches for the rest of the yarn.


I made it around the same time as I made my mom’s shopping bag.

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  1. babs mcgee

    Loooove these!! Did you make the pattern yourself? Great way to use up a bunch of chunky yarn left over from various projects

    • Julianne Post author

      It’s a mish-mash of other patterns that I put together in my head. The bottom is a garter stitch hexagon, the net is YO k2tog, and the handles are i-cord.

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