I actually made this vest a while back, but have only just recently been able to get pictures! But I think I’ve got my situation set up so that I’ll be able to photograph myself fairly often. I have a whole pile of leggings that I haven’t been able to post yet!

I love the amount of crazy in this vest. Giraffe-print linen, the loop trim, pink paisley lining!

giraffe vest

It’s from a self-drafted pattern, and named after my friend who inspired the original. All the fabrics have been pre-shrunk, and they are also all natural.

giraffe vest giraffe vest

This picture really makes me realize how much I need a haircut. I got my timing all messed up, so I’m going to wait another 3 weeks before I get it done. And that way I will still have awesome hair for the wedding!

I really love the shaping of this, the way it shows off your waist is pretty sexy. For now, this one-and-only vest is in the Etsy shop! That’s right, there will not and cannot be another of these.