Inspired one evening by The Zero Waste Home, the pile of projects all over the apartment, and a glass of Cotes du Rhone, I decided to make myself a set of napkins to keep in my bag. They are separate from our home napkins (which incidentally, Jason hates) and intended to replace paper napkins on the go.

napkins napkins

The cottons were all pre-cut into 10×10 squares, donated by my coworker Elle. I decided to make the napkins double sided to showcase the variety of prints, and I thought the cute pairs would be more of an incentive to use them.

silverware case

Last week I also made a zipper pouch for my silverware set, using some tiny scraps of quilting cotton that I couldn’t bear to part with. It’s got chopsticks, a fork, and a spoon. I try to remember to include the soy sauce packets from Thai takeout for my usual avocado sushi lunch. I’m already good at keeping this in my bag, so the napkin set shouldn’t be a problem.

I wound up with 11 napkins, enough to throw the dirties in the laundry basket and still have clean ones in my bag.

serged corner serging corners

This project was also a great opportunity for me to practice corners on my serger. I used the method from Sewing With Sergers, which works pretty well. I wonder if there are any other techniques for serging corners?