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suiting up


For about a year and a half I’ve been eying some glitter Spandex at Joann’s, knowing exactly what I would make out of it if I could only find the excuse. Well, this year I went to BURNING MAN. It was insane; it was incredible; it was indescribable! And I was well dressed.

First, here’s a shot from the desert, with the fabulous Cosmo:

As it turns out, you don’t have to have a great body to prance around in a bodysuit. Stick anything in 2 yards of sparkly spandex and it’s fabulous. I got more attention wearing these than when I walked around naked.

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The outfits were interpreted in so many ways, as a fish/mermaid suit, as an astronaut, as an alien (especially when I was in the rocket), and a superhero. It was actually pretty cold at night and my silver fringed arm warmers didn’t do much, so when I wasn’t dancing my tushy off I was snuggled up in a teal robe.

I didn’t use a pattern on these but they fit perfectly. I loved being able to change the attitude by the height of the zipper (I did wear it around with the zipper completely open). Also I whipped up a silver utility belt, which was so useful! I kept food, a camera, toilet paper, a knife, and all sorts of little essentials on hand.

The blue one was second and came out much better. It only took 90 minutes from start to finish (excluding the sequins at the collar). Also on this one I figured out to use the 3-stitch zig zag, which worked so much better than the regular zig zag!

Since I didn’t get a lot of shots at Burning Man, yesterday I suited up again and played in the neighbor’s tree house.

For next year I am going to have a different color for every night. Also, I’m thinking about putting in a much longer 2-way zipper to go from the neck all the way to the back, so that using the porta-potties isn’t such a hassle.

This is going to be great for Mardi Gras!

By the way, I totally wear these around my house and when I visit the neighbors. They’ve gotten used to it.


70s-tastic shorts


Taken from my post on Craftster

I made these shorts (and a few other things) out of my old bedroom curtains. I was working at a clothing-resale shop and the time that sold a lot of vintage clothes, and people thought I’d bought my shorts there. Nope.

The belt loops are made out of the tabs at the tops of the curtains.

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check out my awesome belt.

I’m making a weird face here, but you could figure that out yourself. I entered this project in Readymade‘s MacGuyver challenge but they weren’t impressed.


Rebirth of NOLA, screw hurricanes


Taken from my post on Craftster

So I live in New Orleans where I study art history at University of New Orleans. It’s way different from Tulane and Loyola, and no one’s ever heard of it unless they live here or went there (people do that sometimes). Anyway, to combine my love of art history and the rebuilding efforts of my city, I made this watercolor painting.

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It’s based off of Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, but instead shows our city’s patron saint, the goddess NOLA (which I just made up) rising from the Mississippi River. The bridge in the back is the GNO which connects the two sides. The east bank is represented by the Superdome, while the west bank is symbolized by industry.

By the way, NOLA is the city’s abbreviation: New Orleans, LouisianA.

I had some posters locally printed, and I sell them at various art markets around the city. Nola posters are available on Etsy!

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