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traveling green



I made this dress back in June, right after I returned from backpacking in Europe for 6 months. I wasn’t sure what my plans were, but I’d just bought a station wagon so I knew there’d be plenty of adventures. This is the first roadtrip dress!

green jersey dress green jersey dress green jersey dress front

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I was able to test out its travelbility on my latest cross country trip, driving from New Orleans to Los Angeles on i40. These photos were taken from our wonderful day in Arizona.

green jersey dress at the AZ sign suggestive signage at meteor crater green dress meteor crater fries and dinos in arizona snow in flagstaff

It’s very comfortable to wear and I felt very chic at all of our stops– Arizona State Welcome Center, a gas station for a much-needed french fry break, wandering around Meteor Crater, playing in snow in Flagstaff, and even in Circus Circus casino in Vegas late that night.

green jersey dress back detail green jersey dress front detail green jersey dress back

It’s made out of fine green jersey I picked up in Ohio–this was months before discovering the LA fashion district. It wasn’t so flattering when I first made it, but I recently re-examined my work. That’s right, sometimes even I need to tailor my clothes! I took in the shoulders and arm seams, as well as added elastic beneath the bust line (I find this is essential in getting a really nice fit from jersey). I was pretty ignorant about sewing stretch fabric on machine, and so to avoid stretching I did the hems and the ties by hand (if you’re confused about this I’ve got some tips on sewing stretch fabric and tubes)

at meteor crater with jason

As you can tell from all our photos, it turned out to be the perfect outfit for an entire day’s worth of adventures!



completely hand-made bicycle tee


After the failure of my first attempt, I decided to start from scratch. My idea was to make several bicycle shirts for sale, so I decided to go for a complete Made by Julianne package. Voila, the new tee shirts I have made!

blue shirt with violet ink yellow shirt with red ink, L blue shirt with red ink M green bicycle shirt blue with orange ink red bicycle shirt green with orange ink blue with green ink, M blue with red ink

Aaaaaand they’re available on Etsy!

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That’s right, each shirt is 100% made by me! I picked up several yards of super-soft, fine jersey in the Fashion District with our friend Svetlana and then developed a pattern that would be flattering to many different shapes. Each shirt is sewn individually, and then the art is applied with heat-set fabric ink.

bicycle shirt bicycle shirt collar

bicycle shirt back and side bicycle shirt back

While the bicycle design on each shirt is very similar, there are differences in each drawing: the bicycle, the pattern rainbow, the field of flowers, and the glowing sun changes from shirt to shirt.

blue shirt, green ink detail green shirt orange ink detail yellow shirt red ink detail blue shirt red ink detail

I also made a point of using a ladies’ classic bike frame, since most images of bicycles feature men’s bikes with a horizontal bar across the frame. I think that’s kind of ugly. I love my vintage Schwinn and Galaxy Flyer and wanted a way to declare that passion even when I’m not on my wheels.

Annie in a green shirt Annie in a green shirt

I’ll be selling these Freret Market in NOLA. If you need to have your own my Etsy shop is always open.


bicycle tee


In the spring of 2007 I did this drawing of a bicycle on a pattern rainbow over a field of flowers and have always wanted to use it for something. Finally I tried it out on a tee shirt, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

bicycle tee bicycle tee

I love bicycles, I love rainbows, I love patterns, and I love fields of flowers! Plus I like tee shirts, so this project pleases me greatly.

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bicycle tee sleeves bicycle tee

I used an unbleached American Apparel shirt I got for $1 in Missouri and a red fine line Sharpie Jason had hanging around his desk. I put a cardboard box inside the shirt to keep it taught and then started drawing on the fabric. When I was finished I set the ink with an iron, which has done a pretty good job. I’ve washed the shirt in the sink a couple times and there’s been some slight bleeding, but really it’s more like a faint pink glow around the lines and I like it that way. I think I will try another shirt using a different ink, maybe a fabric marker.

bicycle tee

making the bicycle tee making the bicycle tee

UNFORTUNATELY the ink did not hold up to a machine washing. At all. Well… Time to re-think and re-vamp this project! Its reincarnation turned out soooo much better than this American Apparel prototype!

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