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Lately I’ve felt that there’s a gap in my wardrobe: a durable skirt that works for biking as well as out-and-about, something durable with scissor-sized pockets for work, and in a versatile color and fabric for year-round wear. I’m really happy with the design of this skirt, which I feel is vaguely utili-kilt-y, but in a good way.

purple denim skirt purple denim skirt from behind purple denim skirt

I used a grayish-lavender stretch denim twill from Fabric Planet. As is my habit when working with denim, I used the “wrong” side of the fabric so that the tell-tale diagonal weave is on the inside of the skirt.

purple denim skirt detail The skirt is made out of four panels, with a waistband that dips down to a button placket in the front and two lined back pockets. I’m really happy with the stretchiness of the fabric in the waistband–it is so comfortable! I used an elastic lace as hem tape, which work surprisingly well. I stretched the elastic slightly as I was sewing it to the cut bottom, which pulled in the flair of the skirt when I flipped the hem up. There was no bunching or gathering.

I sewed the buttonholes by hand because I usually don’t like the way buttonholes turn out on stretch fabric when I use my machine. All the stitching is done in a fuchsia thread that gives the skirt a bit of a kick.

The only drawback I’ve discovered is that this fabric is a lint magnet. I can’t just brush off the inevitable threads and clippings that I generate on a constant basis–instead I have to get out a strip of packing tape. This isn’t really a big deal, but it’s something for me to consider in the future.




I usually don’t make clothes for my niece, figuring that my mom supplies everything she needs. But I recently found myself with some scraps too small to make anything for myself and too cute to trash.

allia striped dress allia striped dress allia striped dress

Based on measurements I made Allia a sundress from my circus stripe fabric. It turned out to be a little tight and short, but it does look great on her, especially since she and I made some leggings together. Allia sewed the leg seams herself on my machine. She also picked out the elastic on the legs and waistband, and said the blue stripe fabric leftover from some tops makes her feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Allia pink glitter skirt Allia pink glitter skirt

Allia pink glitter skirt pocket detail Allia pink glitter skirt waist

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I’d also saved some pink satin with glitter from a superhero costume that was just enough to whip up a skirt. Again, Allia sewed the sides and did about half of the hem before asking me to take over. She also designed the pocket, based on a sewing bandoleer I’m working on for Burning Man. She drew the whole thing out and picked out shiny lycra scraps for each part.

scout headband scout

Allia also put her mad design skillz to work on her loyal friend Scout (she told me once that at nighttime it’s pronounced Scoot). Using a coiled S I had lying on my worktable and a short piece of elastic she made a lovely flapper headband. After Scout’s glamor shots Allia touched up some scratches on her eyes and nose with glossy black paint.

This was Allia’s first time on a machine and my first time sewing with a kid. It was fun to make her designs come to life, but there was an unexpected challenge in being supervised by an 8 year old. She wanted to keep me on task, and kept asking innocent but irksome questions like Are you sure that’s right? and I don’t think that’s the way to do it, as well as giving me pointers such as You should look at my drawing some more before you cut that fabric!

All in all, it was fun and great to see how excited the whole thing made Allia. I’m looking forward to making her a birthday wardrobe from some fuchsia sweater knit I’ve been eying at Fabric Planet!

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