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handpainted bicycle seats


This spring, while sprucing up my old Schwinn, my mind’s been wandering to other ways to share my love for 2 wheeled modes of transport. I had so much fun designing and making my bicycle seat that I decided to make a few more and see how they do at markets.

upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat mushroom

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I was able to get these seats for an incredible deal from a guy who sells junk bikes for parts. These were already in great shape when I picked them up, and then I cleaned them and set them in the bright sunshine. The next step was to make a canvas cover for each seat. There’s no pattern for this part; each one has to be made individually. The top and sides are triple stitched for some incredible security, and then glued and stapled onto the saddle.

heart upholstered bicycle seat heart upholstered bicycle seat heart upholstered bicycle seat behind

Now comes the fun part. I love coming up with designs to enhance the bike riding experience. The heart and stars design reminds me of riding up an incline that you think is too much, that you’ll have to get off and walk up, but finally pedaling to the top and then flying down the other side. I call it Heart It Races, from the Architecture in Helsinki song.

upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat

Fleur de lis designs are also awesome for New Orleans. Although the shape repeats, every seat is painted with different colors and lines. Every one is unique!

fleur de lis bicycle seat fleur de lis bicycle seat fleur de lis bicycle seat fleur de lis bicycle seat

There’s no end of puns to be made about trips with this mushroom seat, so I’ll just save them for Etsy. If you come up with any good ones please leave them as a comment on this post. Maybe some psilly psycling will spark the imagination.

upholstered bicycle seat mushroom shroom upholstered bicycle seat upholstered bicycle seat shroom

When the painting is finished I cover each seat with several coats of a glossy sealant. This keeps the colors bright and also makes the seats highly water-resistant. These seats can all be personalized with a name to make them extra awesome. I’m selling them for $60 each at art markets and Etsy.

I can also trick out the seat you already have! I can paint one of my own designs or we can come up with something specific to you and your wheels. Shoot me a message if you’re interested.


completely hand-made bicycle tee


After the failure of my first attempt, I decided to start from scratch. My idea was to make several bicycle shirts for sale, so I decided to go for a complete Made by Julianne package. Voila, the new tee shirts I have made!

blue shirt with violet ink yellow shirt with red ink, L blue shirt with red ink M green bicycle shirt blue with orange ink red bicycle shirt green with orange ink blue with green ink, M blue with red ink

Aaaaaand they’re available on Etsy!

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That’s right, each shirt is 100% made by me! I picked up several yards of super-soft, fine jersey in the Fashion District with our friend Svetlana and then developed a pattern that would be flattering to many different shapes. Each shirt is sewn individually, and then the art is applied with heat-set fabric ink.

bicycle shirt bicycle shirt collar

bicycle shirt back and side bicycle shirt back

While the bicycle design on each shirt is very similar, there are differences in each drawing: the bicycle, the pattern rainbow, the field of flowers, and the glowing sun changes from shirt to shirt.

blue shirt, green ink detail green shirt orange ink detail yellow shirt red ink detail blue shirt red ink detail

I also made a point of using a ladies’ classic bike frame, since most images of bicycles feature men’s bikes with a horizontal bar across the frame. I think that’s kind of ugly. I love my vintage Schwinn and Galaxy Flyer and wanted a way to declare that passion even when I’m not on my wheels.

Annie in a green shirt Annie in a green shirt

I’ll be selling these Freret Market in NOLA. If you need to have your own my Etsy shop is always open.


the streets of New Orleans just got a little bit sweatier.


Taken from my post on Craftster

I’d been thinking about spicing up my latest bicycle–in New Orleans we like our bikes to be very spicy. Before, my seat was generic black and real bummer. So I pulled out a scrap of canvas and some paint and got to work!

A little bit of home-town pride. Everything I make winds up getting branded.

The key to keeping your bad-ass accessories from getting jacked in the Quarter is to put your name all over it, real big.

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The construction of the cover took only a few minutes. I spent a while painting it though. I sewed the top and sides, then stapled it to the bottom of the saddle.

I topped it off with a few coats of clear sealant. When I ride with a skirt, the saddle rubs my thighs, but that’s the case with any seat. The design hasn’t worn off at all. I’ve also decorated my basket with some beads I got down on Bourbon last weekend. People have tracked me down in the city by recognizing my bike seat!

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