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I always give myself a break in September. After Burning Man, it’s nice to relax and not work on large-scale shade structures, costumes, and Etsy orders for a couple weeks. Plus this year there was all that wedding prep! What wedding prep? you ask. Jason’s working on an awesome movie of the day, so I’m saving my posts for when I can include the video!

Anyway, with Decoms and Halloween coming up, and miscellaneous end-of-year celebrations after that, I thought it was time to slowly start cranking out masks again. I love making them, especially at autumn’s leisurely pace.

striped mask striped mask

Probably less exciting to the casual reader, but I finally got some sequin fabric dedicated to backgrounds for the masks. And with Halloween coming up, I’ll be scouting for new heads to use as models. I love the Glitterheads, but they’re a little bit smaller than human heads.

zipper gag mask zipper gag mask

zipper gag mask zipper gag mask

zipper gag mask zipper gag mask

These masks are all in the Etsy shop— for now!




According to the Burning Man oracles, this is going to be one of the dustiest years on the playa!

purple metallic  zipper dust mask for Burning Man glowing zipper dust mask for Burning Man

This metallic purple one is definitely one of my favorites. I love how saturated the colors are!

Jason and I went out there for Fourth of Juplaya, and although it wasn’t very windy there were huge piles of fluffy dust all over the playa. And some amazing playa trails kicked up from fast cars!

Neon stripes  zipper dust mask for Burning Man black light  zipper dust mask for Burning Man

It was hard to hold the blacklight and attempt clear photos. But you still get the idea of how bright they glow!

Neon velvet zipper dust mask for Burning Man neon velvet zipper dust mask for Burning Man

These masks are available in my Etsy shop now and ready to ship–order soon to get it before Burning Man!




I normally don’t post these on the blog, but I spent a lot of my time making them, and I love each of them tremendously. This concept is one of my favorite and most unique designs!

mega gold zipper mask mega gold zipper mask

The zipper and straps are stitched by hand. I use the sewing machine to attach the elastic, and I go over the sequins an extra time so that they won’t fall off during a party. Wouldn’t that just be embarrassing?!

mega gold zipper mask

Uh, yeah, that is a Baby Phat zipper. Didn’t notice that until I had the giant detail photo uploaded to the blog. Well, that explains the BLING.

mega gold zipper mask

Whatever. Anyways, this completely unique mask is up at Etsy right now. It’s a race to see who buys it first!

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