two chairs


These two chairs were both rescued from certainly unglamorous lives. The recycling process including reinforcing joints with glue and screws. The paint was covered in many layers of sealant, so they are reasonably durable. I love working on chairs because they are beautiful and functional, and allow me to use paint and fabric on one piece.

The motifs for this chair were inspired by Egyptian and Syrian art, as well as the designs of Gustav Klimt. In addition to the warm colors I used a metallic gold paint. Before I could get started painting, a new seat needed to be cut in addition to the regular repairs. The seat and back are upholstered in matching scrap fabrics.

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This second chair is more my own style; I really loved the round dowels on the back. I wound up giving this to a friend in Abita Springs.


DIY IQ lights


Taken from my post on Craftster

So, has everyone seen the IQ light? It’s pretty awesome. BUT no self respecting craftster would pay $30 for 30 pieces of plastic, right? So I decided to make my own. I got a template from Readymade Magazine, but I modified it for two pieces on a page. You see, I just printed out the template on cardstock and cut out the shape!

Here’s the template:

In order to cut out the little hooks, I used a hole punch so I didn’t have to get into those tiny curves with my scissors. Made the work much easier!

My first lamp used 28 pieces:

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And I’m not sure how many pieces are in my second lamp. I also am not sure how I made this!

I’m using 60w bulbs, and since the paper is not very close to the bulb I’m not really worried about fires. I’m using extension cords and added switches so that I can easily turn the lights on and off (my sockets are incredibly inconvenient).

This is a really neat project. It’s amazing to see what you can make with just one shape. This would be fun to do with kids old enough to handle sharp scissors. Girl scouts maybe?

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