teal corduroy jumper

26 January 2010 by

I’ve had lots of fun playing in this dress! It’s comfortable, my favorite color, reasonably trendy, plus the pockets are the perfect size for beer bottles.

teal corduroy dress pockets/beer holders

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for years and didn’t know what to do with it until I saw Plummy’s jumper. I was a little uncertain about wearing a jumper, but it works with long and short sleeve shirts and possibly even with no shirt at all. I’ll hold that discovery until it’s a little less wintery in Los Angeles.

dancing in my dress

Since the corduroy has a surprising amount of stretch I made the bodice tight with a center seam and front darts. In the spirit of simplicity I’m able to just pull it over my head and bam, I’m ready for some adventures. There’s elastic on the inside of the top so that it will fit snugly without any gaping. The skirt is cut at a slight A-line and gathered at the waist.

Yep, that’s me climbing on what I’m not supposed to touch. Those photos were taken at the Getty Villa in Malibu, which is a replica of the villa of Julius Caesar’s father-in-law. The other pictures were taken in our alleyway, less well known but not less picturesque.

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  1. mom

    For years that fabric has been longing to be put to use. Came out very nice, sweetie. I can’t believe you are wearing leggings though.

  2. Julianne Dodds

    Well the red ones are stockings, and I really like the grey leggings. They have stirrups and we got them in the fashion district. They’re warmer than tights!

  3. shawna wesner( fauves sister)

    julieeee. I loveee this dress, I LOVE THE SUNFLOWER ONE MORE. i wish i could actually make something like that. hehe

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