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When I got this moderately-stretchy jersey I was planning on making some baggy pants for Burning Man, but upon arriving back in New Orleans realized that most of my clothes were made for the California summer. I needed something loose and flowing to cope with the heat and humidity, so I whipped up this dress right away.

teal and gold sundress teal and gold sundress teal and gold sundress

As always, this was my own design without any patterns or assists.

The stripes on the fabric are a light gold. It’s not too flashy but does make the dress a little more ritzy.

There was a bit of a challenge keeping this dress from looking frumpy–in order to keep the dress from sticking to my sweaty body I cut it a little on the large side. It took some critical thinking, but now I feel completely chic in this dress. I can tie the belt tight or leave it loose for air flow, so it’s got a bit of versatility. I can’t help but be impressed at how these thin straps always stay right over my bra straps.

teal and gold sundress teal and gold sundress teal and gold sundress

I love the pockets! This was my first time with full, gathered pockets and I think they turned out very well. I wore this dress to a party last night and was able to fit TWO cans of beer in each pocket (I was also wearing roller skates and had kitty whiskers drawn on my face, just to give you the complete picture).


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