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Yay new vest! And yay for uncharacteristic photos that still look good. I think if you didn’t know me this picture would be totally plausible. And as unusual as this color scheme is for me, I really dig the design. I took these pictures myself by the way, setting up the iPhone on a tripod. Haven’t quite worked out the lighting situation though, maybe I’ll give it another go today…

gypsy vest

The exterior shell is made from a discontinued upholstery fabric. It’s maroon with a gold thread running through, and a beautiful embossed gothic pattern. The green and gold twist gives the vest structure, and those tassels accentuate every move!

Reversible gypsy vest-lace detail

One of my favorite details is the cream and gold lace appliqué sewn onto the back. It’s like a necklace for your back.

Reversible gypsy vest detail

A row of pressed brass snaps down the front is easy to close and fun to rip open.

Well, the vest and the leggings are in my Etsy shop now, and just about everything is on sale! Plus you can always use the coupon code CottonCandyKitten to get free US shipping.




I actually made this vest a while back, but have only just recently been able to get pictures! But I think I’ve got my situation set up so that I’ll be able to photograph myself fairly often. I have a whole pile of leggings that I haven’t been able to post yet!

I love the amount of crazy in this vest. Giraffe-print linen, the loop trim, pink paisley lining!

giraffe vest

It’s from a self-drafted pattern, and named after my friend who inspired the original. All the fabrics have been pre-shrunk, and they are also all natural.

giraffe vest giraffe vest

This picture really makes me realize how much I need a haircut. I got my timing all messed up, so I’m going to wait another 3 weeks before I get it done. And that way I will still have awesome hair for the wedding!

I really love the shaping of this, the way it shows off your waist is pretty sexy. For now, this one-and-only vest is in the Etsy shop! That’s right, there will not and cannot be another of these.




I thought that I posted this weeks ago. How on earth did this blazing glory slip my mind?! I like to think that it’s a very special closet where neon tessellations can be forgotten.

psychedelic puzzle vest psychedelic puzzle vest psychedelic puzzle vest

I feel like this vest accentuates the waist. It’s perfect for bellydancing, or the circus, or of course Burning Man.

This omission came to my attention after the fabulous Oona came into the store and picked out the same fabric! It was near the end of a very busy but also awesome morning, and I may or may not have shouted her name as soon as she came through the door.

dancing at Fabric Planet

Like I said, it was a crazy morning. And I am not able to maintain my otherwise cool demeanor when surprised by people I admire from the internet. Just as Rick Steves. Oh but do go read her write-up of the craziness; she really hit it right on!

Back to the sewing! Devoted readers will recognize this same fabric from my Mystic Jigsaw coat. It’s a heavy woven wool that we have near the upholstery section at Fabric Planet, but I don’t think anyone has bought it for their sofa. Yikes, even I draw the line at that!

psychedelic puzzle vest lining psychedelic puzzle vest snappy psychedelic puzzle vest detail

I used a soft woven cotton for the lining, which has a small pocket for a cellphone or money. The black and white trim is an upholstery twist, and I knew right away that this fabric would need it. I used pressed brass snaps on the placket, so the vest is reversible if you’d ever want to be a little more mellow.

psychedelic puzzle vest psychedelic puzzle vest

Apparently I don’t have a great photo of it, but you can sort of see that I made the back in two pieces. I’ve got the purple shapes forming an upward chevron on the back, and the diagonal continues to a V in the front. It’s pretty sharp lookin’!

There will probably be new interpretations of this vest, but for now you can find the one-and-only in my Etsy shop.

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