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Venice DJ CHRNIK (the front of the centaur from Story of the Running Wolf) sent an emergency text asking for a “dope fanny pack” in 2 days. Coming right up!

IMG_4105 I had all these materials in my stash (what a wonderful stash it is!), and I whipped this up in a lovely evening. Some of the fabrics are from other costume projects I’ve done for the band and yet haven’t blogged.

Here’s the late-night process (from my Instagram):


The sparkle vinyl exterior is one of my favorite materials! I adore the way it looks, and I’m getting to know its personality as I make more fabulous items with it. I used a metallic printed denim for the sides. The bag is lined with aqua ripstop fabric. The front pocket is a garment-weight vinyl and metallic printed spandex. The adjustable strap is a vinyl braid.

IMG_4093Nothing fancy happening on the back, since that area is resting against the body. I’ve played with the idea of adding a little pocket here, but that would be rather awkward to access while still wearing the fanny pack. I assume that people will be extremely un-sober when romping around festivals, so I try to keep the functionality simple and not make too many pockets to misplace a special something.


IMG_4088This fanny pack was a special order, and it can be re-created and customized! Email me about getting your own.

Fanny pack, belly buddy, hip purse, belt pocket: what do you call it?





Back in March I was contacted by one of the members of Story of the Running Wolf to make a centaur costume for their upcoming music video. I had a great time working with Jeff on the design. The glorious beast makes his first appearance at 1:49.

I’m also an extra in the Masquerade scene, wearing a blue and gold, triangle and spiral jacket (that will be posted after some modifications) and a pink mask.


There was a premiere party last weekend at the Sayer’s Club in Hollywood, which was fancy and had super yummy cupcakes.

Stratospheric music video, made by Julianne

Stratospheric music video, made by Julianne

 Stratospheric music video, made by Julianne Stratospheric music video, made by Julianne Stratospheric music video, made by Julianne

I’ve since made more costumes for Jeff and Josh. Our aesthetics really compliment each other, and we all have a good time giggling during fittings (my husband included!).

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