Literally about to jump in the car and drive to California, but here’s a post to keep you all entertained while I’m on the road.

When Jason designed my fleur de logo, I knew it would be perfect on a shirt! I had just enough jersey left over from my dress to make a tee. I did a reverse applique, which was fun and challenging, especially since this was the first time I’d ever tried the technique.

fleur de logo close up fleur de logo shirt fleur de logo detail

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I used red embroidering thread in a running stitch to attach the navy jersey to the slate blue fabric. The four rainbow bands on the spool are done in a split stitch, which is definitely my favorite. The needle is a backstitch in silver metallic thread, which is a pain in the ass to work with every time. It was difficult cutting all those precise edges, especially in the corners, and I was very appreciative of my Gingher shears!

fleur de logo fleur de logo front

I really love this design and feel like it represents me so well. The fleur de lis stands for New Orleans, my hometown. The spool of thread stands for how I try to find a way to incorporate a handmade ethos in the middle of everything I do. The rainbow reminds me to be joyful, and the fact that this is scrap fabric speaks to my love of reusing and recycling materials. Since the logo was designed by Jason I am always reminded of him and inspired to create things with him. Also, I love these photos he took of me during am early spring bike ride through City Park! I can’t believe the color my hair is turning! I never thought I’d be a natural redhead.

fleur de logo neck front fleur de logo neck back

The V-neck is edged in navy jersey, and I added red stitching to tie in the embroidery. Plus I love hand-stitched details!

fleur de logo side fleur de logo sleeve stitching

There is also red stitching on the sleeves, which is loose enough to allow the fabric to stretch.

fleur de logo in progress

Here’s an in-progress shot. I’m sure the more crafty of my following will be able to figure out the steps based on this, but for those of you who need instruction this might help you out, and if it doesn’t this girl‘s got some pretty nice instructions. I used freezer paper to transfer my design (Solvy would have been better but I didn’t have an embroidery hoop with me in LA) and I cut out my image piece by piece before stitching it. Also there’s no way I used fusible web; I prefer to keep things simple. Hell, I might just have to make me own tutorial one day.

What’s that? You want one last shot of me and my awesome bike? The dude abides.

fleur de logo and my bike