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Jeez, this should have been posted in July! Lucky for current-me, cause I’m swamped with projects for clients that aren’t bloggy. I have a few big projects coming to completion soon, so you’ll see how busy I’ve been!

A few weeks ago I went shopping in the fabric district with some friends, and naturally we ended up at Michael Levine Loft.

fabric shopping

Aleah, Sandra, Nhi, and me

Fabric was $2.50/lb, and I walked away with 11.85 lb (Sandra had a little more). Among my haul was a swishy rayon with black and green chevrons. I wasn’t sure about the colors, because it’s dark and I rarely wear green, but the fabric was perfect for some new genie pants.

chevron genie pants, made by Juliannechevron genie pants, made by Julianne

chevron genie pants, made by Julianne

I followed my own DIY genie pants tutorial, with a couple modifications. I made these pants with pockets and side seams, and there will be a follow-up tutorial for that.

chevron genie pants, made by JulianneThe other departure is that I tapered the legs about 4″ from the inseam and side seams on both front and back. I wanted these pants to be casual lounge wear, and the super puffy legs felt so conspicuous.

chevron genie pants, made by Julianne I also made the tank top. It was a $1 remnant, and super smooth charcoal gray jersey (with rayon?). The seams were serged with red thread on the right side of the shirt, and then I topstitched them to lay flat. It’s strange to see myself wearing all dark colors!

chevron genie pants, made by Julianne

They’re comfortable and casual and I love them!

Another word from current-me: after a lot of wear, this rayon fabric is starting to pill. Also the elastic waistband is wearing out a bit; I’ll replace this with a higher-quality spadex. I still have a bunch of this fabric, but now I’m reluctant to make anything that requires a lot of effort.




If I’m going to navel gaze, at least I’ll do it in style.

Living in Los Angeles has been hard for me. Although I’ve made a few new friends here, and my sewing business has slowly but steadily grown, and the weather is almost always delightful, and can we talk about the avocados… I miss my home. Every day I think about New Orleans and wish I could be there. Without indulging in too much trendy self-diagnosis, I do think I’ve been dealing with some mild depression for a while now. And if I haven’t had a legitimate mood disorder, my underwear certainly has. We’re both trying to crawl out of it!

happy panties, made by Julianne

These panties replace my black set from 2010. Those were good undies, and have lasted me for four years, but they are starting to get threadbare! I’ve made a few supplemental panties since 2010, but this is my first bulk addition since the original post.

All the fabrics were from my stash, and most of the laces were bought new. Apparently I’ve run through my hoard of lingerie elastic! It feels good.

happy panties, made by Julianne  Remnant from leggings.happy panties, made by Julianne

Tiny scrap from un-blogged shirt.

happy panties, made by Julianne Remnant from this shirthappy panties, made by Julianne

Fabric from tiger leggings.

I do also have a couple pairs of plain tan panties to be worn with light unlined dresses. When I was buying elastic for them, Nhi scoffed at my boring selection (I think she may have even been slightly offended). But there can’t be a party in my pants all the time!happy panties, made by Julianne happy panties, made by Julianne happy panties, made by Julianne

happy panties, made by Julianne

They’ve got a higher rise than bikini cut normally would, and that’s how I like it nowadays. The wide elastic keeps them up, and hides my butt crack. Granted, sometimes the lace peeks out from my lower-rise pants. But you know how people layer shirts, and let a camisole peek through? Why can’t I do that with these? I’m not walking around with a crop top and butt cleavage, but I’m also not worried about people getting occasional peeks at the top of my lingerie lace. High fashion or low standards?

happy panties, made by Julianne

happy panties, made by Julianne

I’ve always had a weakness for brass animals, especially if they are fixtures.

Although this is my website, I don’t really like to talk about my personal stuff. It’s not so much about privacy as it is about resisting self-indulgence, or maybe avoiding self-reflection. This post is an exception, because I was feeling introspective when I started writing (3 weeks before I finished writing), and I am trying to be more proactive about my life in general. I guess that means my underwear drawer is a metaphor?


SPARKLEPUSSY Mardi Gras 2014


The idea to dress up as a glittery purple cat hit me like a bolt of lightning, and before I knew it five of us were roving the French Quarter as a herd of cats.

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

This was the most Mardi Gras house in the Quarter.

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

We meowed, and scratched with our claws, and drank a ton of whiskey.sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

I designed, drafted, and basted the suit before we left for our epic roadtrip, and then did the final serging, pink components, and fur accents on Lundi Gras in New Orleans.

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

Originally the costume was going to be sleeveless (and therefore a little more roller disco), but I had to make several last-minute concessions to the weather.

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

As it happened, Fat Tuesday was about 40º and raining: unusually miserable weather, especially for March! So I added the mesh sleeves, and arm warmers, and had to wear layers underneath my sleek catsuit. Some of those bulges are a wool sweater that I managed to stuff in, and I was wearing a jacket for most of the day. So apparently I didn’t need to lay off the french fries.

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

The mask is puff paint and rhinestones on tulle. I need to add a clear plastic backing so that it stands up, since I wore the mask over my glasses. I really enjoyed this technique, and will play with it more (word to the wise: this took about 3 days to fully dry).

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

Can you believe the adorable pet tag?! Maria and Patrick made one for everybody, and mine is being stamped with “Sparklepussy.”

sparklepussy cat costume, made by Julianne

I really like this costume, but having to bundle up and still try to stay inside made it a challenge to have fun. I did catch a golden coconut at Zulu, and good friends + whiskey will get you pretty far in life.

I’ll have plenty of other opportunities to wear it, like Burning Man, and Halloween, and maybe the next party.



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