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I’ve been working with Villy Customs out of Dallas, and was recently commissioned to make a seat cover to compliment a customer’s Missouri State-themed bicycle. I enjoyed reproducing the graphic mascot logo with my acrylics, and the bike turned out fantastic!

Mizzou cruiser Mizzou cruiser

Fleetwood did an amazing job with all the details! Coincidentally, this bike could very easily be converted into a Saints-cycle; we just need to swap out the saddle cover!

Mizzou Mizzou cruiser

Mizzou cruiser Mizzou cruiser

That’s right, even the elastic on the underside of the seat goes with the color scheme! For the sides I used a black lycra with a waffle texture and a slight gold sheen to it.

If you’re interested in getting your own custom seat cover please contact me any time!




This new batch of seat covers is a synthesis of many earlier versions, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten everything right. Check them out in my Etsy shop!

cycledelic saddle cover cycledelic saddle cover cycledelic saddle cover

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cycledelic saddle coverThe tops are all hand painted and original designs. The glossy sealant makes the saddle covers UV-proof, water-resistant, and highly durable to butt-wear. The sides are made out of some truly fabulous spandex with elastic around the bottoms to keep the covers fitting tight (I loved using underwear elastic for some of the covers).

Within each set there are differences in the drawings and color, so that even though I made three swallow seats each one is unique.

What’s great about these covers is that the painting allows me to do some really fabulous designs as well as customization. I’m currently working on two different designs that feature college mascots.

swallow bicycle seat covers Swallow bicycle seat cover Swallow bicycle seat cover

The fact that they are removable covers make them less of an investment to the customer. I love that they are so easy to store and I can ship them for almost nothing. Plus, I get to share my dual loves of bicycles and making things!

I’ll be selling these in some upcoming LA markets, and they’re always available in my Etsy store!

If anyone’s got some suggestions for new seat designs, particularly more masculine covers, I’d love to hear it!

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