Of course everybody loves the stuff I make, but some people actually write about it! I’m clearly terrible at updating this list. Or maybe I’m just vain enough to keep a list but not vain enough to update it.

May 2018: JazzFest fashion on Nola.com

September 2013: “The Craziest Costumes at Burning Man” on Business Insider

27 April 2013: Featured on the front page of BurdaStyle.com

13 February 2011: Cassandra is pink with envy!

12 December 2010: Hashi Meltzer spots me at Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles

18 November 2010: Kris Carr of Crazy Sexy Cancer has a unicorn powered tush!

27 May 2010: Christy Lorio of Slow Southern Style probes my addled brain

2 April 2010: Miss Malaprop is lusting for a bicycle seat cover