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Finally able to start unclogging the backlog of posts. Mardi Gras costume will be coming soon!

It’s a simple dress, which means it’s versatile and comfortable and fun to wear.

tie-dye matmos dress, made by Julianne

 I used a vintage pattern that I borrowed from Caroline; I traced the pattern and forgot to copy the name or number! Luckily I haven’t seen her since then, so I actually still have the pattern in a very safe place, so eventually I can find out the relevant information.

tie-dye matmos dress, made by Julianne

Now I’m wearing it with a silk charmeuse slip, and I stay pretty warm. Without the slip, it’s been perfect for warmer days in Los Angeles on the bicycle. The short hem will be fun in the summer!

tie-dye matmos dress, made by Julianne

It’s made from a silky, slinky rayon. I also used the fabric for a dress shirt for my husband (which I will iron and photograph in New Orleans). The print reminds me of the Matmos from one of my favorite movies, Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy.

tie-dye matmos dress, made by Julianne

matmos 2

I finished the seams in the serger. There’s a black invisible zip, which should be 6″ longer, but I had this size in my stash and I can easily get the dress over my shoulders (but the hips are another story).

tie-dye matmos dress, made by Julianne

I’m not sure about the neckline. Maybe I want to do something bold, like an appliqué or contrasting collar? Maybe I want it lower? For now, it’s bound in matching bias tape. I’d love any suggestions!

10 Responses to MATMOS DRESS

  1. jessie

    I’ve been fallowing you a long time over on craftster and your blog. Just wanted to say, I love your hair! Blond suits you, almost didn’t recognize you. Love the dress too, and think the neck line looks great as is.

  2. Amy

    I like the neckline just as it is. I love the look of it with tights and boots so I’m having a hard time seeing it as a summer dress. I actually think that outfit would look so cute with an orange or yellow sweater. Also; loving the length of the dress.

  3. frances

    I like and neckline as-is too, though I could also imagine going wider; somehow I think that might emphasize the cute sleeves length.
    also, where did you get those boots? I’ve been looking for a flat/minimal sole pair like that for literally 2 years…

    • Julianne Post author

      Thanks for the idea about a wider neckline, I might play around with that! These are Timberland boots that I got at Macy’s in 2006. They’re actually being re-soled now, and then I think I’m going to paint them turquoise. They are the only tan item in my wardrobe, so turquoise will match so much better!

  4. Jill

    Ohhh, I really like this. Collar? Or a colored trim of some type? Hmmm, I dunno, I think it’s cute as is. Maybe just some accessorizing that way you can change up the look whenever you like!

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