19 July 2012 by

Yay new vest! And yay for uncharacteristic photos that still look good. I think if you didn’t know me this picture would be totally plausible. And as unusual as this color scheme is for me, I really dig the design. I took these pictures myself by the way, setting up the iPhone on a tripod. Haven’t quite worked out the lighting situation though, maybe I’ll give it another go today…

gypsy vest

The exterior shell is made from a discontinued upholstery fabric. It’s maroon with a gold thread running through, and a beautiful embossed gothic pattern. The green and gold twist gives the vest structure, and those tassels accentuate every move!

Reversible gypsy vest-lace detail

One of my favorite details is the cream and gold lace appliqué sewn onto the back. It’s like a necklace for your back.

Reversible gypsy vest detail

A row of pressed brass snaps down the front is easy to close and fun to rip open.

Well, the vest and the leggings are in my Etsy shop now, and just about everything is on sale! Plus you can always use the coupon code CottonCandyKitten to get free US shipping.


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