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One thing I love about Burning Man is the wide range of costuming. Bikinis in the daytime, and sweaters galore at night! My neon fleece sweatshirt was perfect for the playa, and has been essential to my survival in Monterey this winter.

neon raglan sweatshirt, made by Julianne

Even with a Disaronno-induced hangover, it’s impossible to be cranky when I’m wearing this. Now where are my damn french fries?

neon raglan sweatshirt, made by Julianne  I used a charming vintage pattern from 1972 (mine was bought at Fabulous Fabrics, which sounds like a delightful business model). The previous owner copied the pattern onto interfacing in order to make fitting changes, so I did the same.

Copying patterns (rather than making marks and cuts on the original printed piece) is a new step for me. I enjoy the meditative preparation, and my tracing the design onto fresh paper makes me feel really free to make all sorts of changes.

Like all recent projects, this was made entirely out of stash fabrics. Isn’t it convenient that I have yards and yards of neon fleece just sitting in my closet? Having not bought fabric for the past few months really helped me realize just how much fabric I already had. Ridiculous!

neon raglan sweatshirt, made by Julianne

It’s sewn with all neon threads. It can be worn with the seams on the inside, but I rather like all those perfect lines of serging. It adds to the whimsy, and we gots to have that.

The bright neon fabrics make me feel like a kid, but wearing a sweatshirt while many of my campmates head out into the night wearing a single pair of tights and a lace corset makes me feel kinda like a mom… a warm mom. Not that marriage = end of sexiness, but yeah, when it starts to get a little chilly I start piling the layers on.

neon raglan sweatshirt, made by Julianneneon raglan sweatshirt, made by Julianne

I keep playing with the idea of puff-paint decoration, with a clear memory of picking at the pointy dots on my mom’s reindeer sweater in the 90s. With neon or glitter paint, it could be quite hipster-ironic. But what image? Lithium is always a good choice, but maybe I should do something stranger. Suggestions?

neon raglan sweatshirt, made by Julianne

There is another coordinating shirt, left back in LA for the time being. This top also inspired an awesome snugly onesie, but that will have to wait for another post…

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