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I’m knee deep in glitter lycra and stretch velvet working on everyone’s very special Burning Man costumes (with a few bike seat orders thrown in–yikes!). I’m not posting much because of this, and do you really want to see every single mask I make? Granted they are all awesome, but I don’t want to become repetitive. They’re all posted in my Etsy shop anyway.

Luckily someone else has decided to take pictures of what I’ve been up to. My cirque leggings were used in a fabulous photo shoot!

Yolanda at the circus

Thanks to La Avery for the awesome photos! Alright, back to sewing. See you all on the playa!




In addition to every else I’ve been trying to take care of for Burning Man, I’ve been making these zippered masks like crazy. I actually really love it: the fabric is mostly scraps from bigger projects, it’s the perfect use for small bits of elastic, and the hand-stitching is a form of meditation in my otherwise hectic life. Plus, honestly, the sales make me euphoric!

Danielle in a pink zipper mask Hannah in a diamond mask retro glam mask blue mask Danielle in a velvet mask copper mask Hannah as an acid frog Danielle in a gold mask gold tooth zipper mask

They are all trimmed in fold-over elastic, and have adjustable elastic straps to keep them securely on. The zippers, like I mentioned, are sewn by hand with some bright embroidery thread. Lately I’ve been mixing up the zippers by cutting the head off one and putting it on the teeth of another, so that both parts are different colors. And now I can’t stop doing it!

acid frog mask green zipper mask Hannah as a star gold zipper mask Hannah in a yellow mask purple zipper mask Hannah models a mask velvet mask Hannah in a neon mask

Trust me, I know, it’s A LOT of masks!

Delightfully, most of these have sold already but I am constantly making more. If you’d like a particular color combo feel free to send me an email about it, and you can see what I do have available in my Etsy shop!




When my neighbor saw these new masks she said “This is a little more S&M than your usual style.” I’m not sure how or why this design popped into my head, but once it was there I just had to make these zippered masks, which sold out right away in my Etsy shop (thank you!).

crayon zipper mask glam zipper mask copper candy mask dollface mask

Of course I made them with Burning Man in mind. They’re designed so that you can wear your mask during dust storms but still take a drink of water or whatever else you want to put in your mouth. They’re so bizarre that I think people will be wearing them even when the air is clear. I think they’re incredibly creepy (clown nightmares come to mind), but I have a friend who insists that they would be perfect for doctors, especially pediatricians.

copper candy zipper mask crayon mask dollface mask glam mask

They’re all made out of lycra, except the copper which is made from vintage pants. The straps are made out of elastic and are adjustable, just like bra straps. True to form, all the materials came from Fabric Planet.

I keep seeing these as ninja masks too. Not very sneaky ninja masks, but they do make for a quick disguise.

At this point these are all gone, but you can see more styles in my Etsy shop!

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