7 Responses to ZIPPER GAG MASK

    • Julianne Post author

      Thanks! I make about 100 each year, and since they are all the same concept I don’t post most of them on my webpage, just the Etsy shop. I really love making them!

    • Dell

      É, realmente também tentei inserindo isso e não deu.Tentei com isso:<img id="wpmlc_flag_595_us" class="wpmlc_flag_595_us" srpgq&uot;wp-content/plugins/wc-multi-language-chan=er/flags/us.gif" onClick="wpmlc_show_lang('wpmlc_text_595_us', 'wpmlc_text_595_', 'wpmlc_flag_595_us', 'wpmlc_flag_595');" style="border: 3px solid #FFFFFF;"foi quase ;s

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